Creating the Perfect Home Office

Living in an apartment can be frustrating when it comes down to space. If you're living in a one bedroom apartment you likely just have that bedroom, with no den or office; so finding a spot to work and more importantly, focus, can be quite challenging.

A productive home work environment is the goal here. Lying in bed with your laptop is good for binge watching Netflix or browsing social media – but probably not the best suited for focusing and (actually) doing work!

Here are some tips to get you started.


After you've found a spot where you can set up your work space, measure it out and see what you're working with. Usually desks come in specific size ranges, so knowing how much space you have to work with for a desk will come in handy when you're shopping! If you have a corner in your apartment that is free, utilize it! It's easy to make an underused corner into a small work area!


The best way to utilize a space (when you don't have much) is to go up. Rather than filling in the space around you and the space on your desk, go for shelves instead. Here are some examples!


Lighting plays an important role in your productivity! Harsh direct lights, and bright lights are often the reason for headaches, and eye strains. By incorporating natural light from an indirect window, or a desk lamp you can create a comfortable space where you can work efficiently. 

Your office is unique!

No two home offices will be exactly alike. Everyone works best in their own environment that is best suited for them! Think about the needs of your office space; how long you'll be working, what materials you might need close at hand and what devices are necessary for you to do your job! All these factors are just small contributors to making your office space work for you. For example, someone who will be meeting clients at their home office should have a space that is representative of your business/ of you!